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The Metaverse is a term that was created to designate and describe the interaction environments in which humans establish interrelation socially and economically as if they were icons in the context of a virtual dimension in cyberspace. This concept from the virtual world is attracting the attention of several recognized companies worldwide; this is how Google and Microsoft, for example, are betting large amounts of money on this development. Facebook was the one that took the most risk since it changed the name of the company to ¨Meta¨. This idea of augmented reality has already become popular through different audiovisual productions such as ¨Surrogates¨ or "Ready Player One". The main characteristic of the Metaverse is that it has a series of devices to which we must connect that build the fantasy that we are entering a new world since the user interacts with all its elements autonomously, reinforcing the idea of teleportation to a parallel world. In this book, we share with you our analysis on this new Technology development, and what type of economic and financial criteria apply in cases of investment interests. In the first section, we provide an introduction and general context. In the second section, you can read about the effects of Facebook name changing to Meta, not only for the mere new stock ticker name but also for the change on bidimensional experience for the user. In the third and fourth sections, we describe the development of a new market and the costs to implement the Metaverse. Finally, we share with you a complete investment thesis for theoretical portfolio management ideas.



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ISBN: 9781956214758
Author: Arriaga, Antonio
Published: Nov-2021
Format: eBook (PDF)
Pages: 24
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