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Latin America Idiosyncratic Risks is an indispensable book for traders and investors who want to trade the Latin America markets. Whether you are a retail investor, manage your own portfolio, or a finance professional, this book equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to capitalize in this highly volatile emerging region, with the latest trends and data. In the first section we evaluate the fundamentals of the following countries: Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. This chapter also shares light of the macro variables behavior of the past, present and future context. Check the appendix as complement to this chapter; there you can find the macro variables for 2019-2022 period. In the second section and based on the fundamentals, a forecast is provided for next semester and next couple of years. Again, same countries are analyzed with the exception of Argentina. Finally, in the third section we share with you a complete investment thesis for theoretical portfolio management ideas.


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ISBN: 9781956214451
Author: Dorin, Martin H.
Published: May-2021
Format: eBook (PDF)
Pages: 29
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