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Latin America Digital Evolution provides the latest information on how the region is taking advantage of the new technologies and how to make a sustainable investment strategy from it. In the first and second sections a deep data-driven analysis on current Latam socioeconomics is provided in order to understand the idiosyncratic cultures and risks within the region. In the third section, there's a review on innovation showcasing the latest technologies like blockchain, media and entertainment platforms and others and their current applications in the region. Examples of local companies are provided. In fourth section, we unleash the opportunities and future scenarios for the region. Agriculture and Finance sectors are examples of various options that can develop the full potential of Latin America in the Digital era. Finally, we share with you a complete investment thesis for theoretical portfolio management ideas.



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ISBN: 9781956214581
Author: Dorin, Martin H.
Published: Sep-2021
Format: eBook (PDF)
Pages: 28
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