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Bitcoin currency is a decentralized, highly-secure approach to how money is transferred between two entities. As the Blockchain technology continues to grow, more adopters are starting to see the value behind investment and the potential for a currency that isn t ran by empty government promises. While still a volatile form of currency and only beginning to be adopted into retail environments, Bitcoin offers adopters a huge chance to make a profit while changing the course of financial history. This book aims to teach newcomers about the ins and outs of the technology and opportunities. This includes: The language and technology behind Bitcoin and cryptocurrency; How mining generates new Bitcoins and processes transactions; The equipment and techniques used to mine Bitcoin and earn profits; The anonymity of Bitcoin and other security concerns; What affects the price of Bitcoin; How you can invest in Bitcoin for the sake of improving technology or making a profit; Price analysis of bitcoin prices from 2014-2018.



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ISBN: 9781956214321
Author: Arriaga, Antonio
Published: Mar-2021
Format: eBook (PDF)
Pages: 38
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