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In 2021 in Argentina, 16 different types of US dollars exchange rates for a wide variety of audiences are available. The dollar has always been, at least in the last 90 years, a popular indicator to measure the progress and competitiveness of the country. It turns out that any increase in the dollar's price in Argentina is transferred almost immediately to prices, while the increase in wages is always lower, generating high levels of inflation. It can be affirmed the dollar is not simply a foreign currency for argentines, since its rise or fall also condition the level of savings of the inhabitants. In first section, one you can understand why Argentine society adopted the US Dollar as a saving method. In the second section, we show the types of US dollars that are more convenient for Argentina Economy. In addition, in the third and fourth sections you can read how the government is applying policies to avoid the increase on the exchange rate and what're the possible future scenarios. Finally, in the fifth section, concluding notes are provided together with our investment thesis included for theoretical portfolio management ideas.



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ISBN: 9781956214802
Author: Domenech, Lautaro
Published: Nov-2021
Format: eBook (PDF)
Pages: 26
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