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Argentina, once the poster child of capitalism and social development, has a long history of economic volatility. In 2001, a financial crisis led to its worst economic collapse, precipitating a hard currency devaluation, the (then) largest sovereign default in history, and the flight of capital. The protests on street and widespread social unrest marked a time of political uncertainty, epitomized by the rapid succession of five presidents in months. Since then, Argentina has fought economic problem on all fronts, from inflation to depressed industrial production to continuous devaluations. An indispensable book for traders and investors who want to trade the argentina market. Also included is an investment thesis for theoretical portfolio management ideas.



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ISBN: 9781956214086
Author: Fernandez, Victoria R., Gonzaga, Cristian L., and Arriaga, Antonio
Published: Jun-2020
Format: eBook (PDF)
Pages: 34
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