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5G TECHNOLOGY REVENUE OPPORTUNITIES describes how you can take advantage of this new technology in the telecom, software and infrastructure sectors. In the first section of the book you can read a detailed data-driven analysis about the status of this technology, its beginnings, challenges, failures of the past and what are the current proposals to allow its full potential, to provide a context about the cost structure of 5G development. In the second section, we start to go deep by analyzing the telecommunication sector and its connection and enhancement with 5G worldwide. In the third section, you can read about the benefits and revenues that this technology brings to the global and local economies. Finally, in the fourth section, concluding notes are provided together with our investment thesis included for theoretical portfolio management ideas.


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ISBN: 9781956214598
Author: Fernandez, Victoria R.
Published: Sep-2021
Format: eBook (PDF)
Pages: 20
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